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The Original Mr Nice Guy

The Truly Dangerous Nature Of A Man Who Doesn't Care If He Lives Or Dies

30 March
Basically, me in my own words: I'm tall, dark-haired, and painfully shy, but once I get comfortable around someone, I'll open up easily, I'm generally very sociable. I like several different bands/musical genres, barring bubblegum pop/UK Garage/commercial dance music.

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a perfect circle, ac/dc, aerosmith, afi, agnostic front, alice in chains, anathema, angels of light, anthrax, as the sun sets, at the drive-in, at the gates, atomsmasher, bad religion, basketball, beaten back to pure, belgian beer, belgium, blur, botch, bowling, breach, brutal truth, bucket full of teeth, burning witch, burnt by the sun, cable, caliban, candiria, cave in, cephalic carnage, children of bodom, chinese food, clutch, coalesce, combatwoundedveteran, converge, cooking, crowbar, cryptopsy, d.r.i, damien jurado, dark tranquillity, darkane, deftones, dillinger escape plan, discworld, doom, drowningman, electric wizard, emo, eyedea & abilities, eyehategod, football, fu manchu, fugazi, full court press, grief, grind, gwenmars, halfway to gone, hardcore, heaven shall burn, high on fire, iced earth, in flames, indian food, indonesian food, interpol, iron maiden, isis, jane's addiction, jarboe, jets to brazil, jewel, jimmy eat world, katatonia, keelhaul, khanate, kyuss, lacuna coil, lickgoldensky, lordi, lotus eaters, mastodon, melvins, merzbow, meshuggah, metal, metallica, michael gira, minus the bear, modern languages, monster magnet, moonspell, morcheeba, mudhoney, my dying bride, nasum, nederland, neurosis, nostromo, opeth, orchid, paradise lost, pearl jam, piebald, pig destroyer, planes mistaken for stars, playing guitar, pubbing, radiohead, sage francis, saian supa crew, scissorfight, screaming trees, screamo, send more paramedics, shai hulud, shora, singing, skullflower, sludge, soilent green, soundgarden, speaking dutch, stand up comedy, stoner rock, sunn o))), sunny day real estate, swans, swing kids, texas is the reason, textures, the gathering, the hope conspiracy, the white stripes, thursday, time in malta, toadliquor, today is the day, tool, transmission0, two ronnies, ulver, unsane, watching foreign films, what's a.d.d.?, will haven, wrestling